Monday, January 19, 2009


Life is full of imaginings, "what if's." And all of these things we would like to imagine being real never are right. Wrong! Yes, indeed fantasy is never real but, we can still dream-imagine. We can accomplish anything we put our minds to which is what imagining is. We can take the future in our hands and several times we will fail. But we imagined it happening and because it didn't we gave up on it. Imagine the future and make it part of your world- so to speak. A little imagination never hurt anyone. It's the ones who want you to fail that tell you you'll never accomplish anything because they never imagined that you could. Case in point they have already failed because realism, in some cases, gets you nowhere. And why you ask. It's because realists don't think outside of the box because they've been in it for too long that they can't, simply, imagine.

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