Sunday, January 18, 2009

Wonder Beyond Our Reach

It often seems we wonder about things that are far, maybe too far, beyond our reach. But are they really? America just elected the first African American President. People wondered about this ever happening and they thought for any one man of color to reach this goal they would never see it happen. As it has and did happen should we wonder more if there really is such a word as impossible when it comes to setting goals and reaching them. Nothing seems or is beyond the reach of any person now, now that history has been made. So when wonder about things beyond our reach perhaps we should relate to what we're thinking is beyond our reach and think about about not thinking about "what if's".

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  1. Andrew - your postings are some of the most insightful and well written statements I have ever read - I think you should be a professional writer -- or become one of Obama's White House speech writers. I think what makes your postings so moving is that you speak from the heart - and you have such a good heart.